Visual Projects/ Performance based on experience and ideas
Performance based on experience and ideas


UHDF works for companies from a number of industries. However, our focus clearly lies on technology driven businesses, as well as companies from the media and telco industries in particular. The following list contains a selection projects that are typical for our – by now – long list of successfull assignments:

Business area strategies for a specialized media company
Content strategy for a leading European web portal
Business planning and financing support for an e-commerce portal
Strategy for a system supplier as well as structuring and financing
of a management buyout
Structuring and support of an MBO in the semiconductor industry
Support of an investor in connection with an asset deal in wireless solutions
Strategy, concept, and implementation preparation for a niche market
tv channel
Assessment of the attractivenenss and feasibility of a specialized syndication business in the media industry
Implementation of a management information system in a German media and entertainment company
Customer loyalty program for a leading German IT service provider
Interim management and consulting:
Preparation and execution of the sale of a world-wide leading supplier of high-quality branded consumer durables
Commercial stabilization of a leading European systems supplier from the automotive industry
Restructuring and turnaround for a European engineering company
Preparation of and support for the execution of various sales and purchases of participations for corporations and associated companies:
media industry,
medical technology,
Execution of numerous due diligences including the associated market and competitor studies or market and strategic due diligences
Design and introduction of a profit center controlling at a leading German IT service provider
Introduction of a cash management system for a leading European conglomerate