Visual Career/ Performance based on experience and ideas
Performance based on experience and ideas

Career | Overview

UHDF is looking for employees who are willing to make a name for themselves by working hard for our customers and by providing them with excellent results. Applicants must have outstanding commercial and/or technical qualifications, must possess excellent analytical and conceptual capabilities and communication skills, and must be able to work as a member of a team with "self-starter" qualities.

To further your development, we will provide you with a mentor and coach. You will develop and increase the specific skills required while working "on the job„ and through dedicated trainings „off the job“.

You will work with customers as a member of a team and develop new approaches, provide the long-desired transparency regarding complex problems, implement the concepts developed by your team, and show customers where they can take their businesses in the future. While achieving all this, your responsibilities will constantly increase and challenges will grow.

The staffing of our teams depends on the specific situation of the project. Typically, the teams are a combination of professionals with different levels of experience:

One of our partners will always be "on board" to guide every project into the right direction and help getting the work done.